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DVN Television promote God’s message of Love, Salvation and Redemption.

Divine Vision Network is a leading Christian channel that presents Bible based inspirational programs 24/7, and has been available from 4th October 2009. The sole objective of the channel is to telecast subjects relevant to Christian faith, and to serve as a global editorial window of faith to the vast majority of Christians around the world. Divine Vision Network broadcasts religious discourses, church services, conferences, seminars and other faith based events. Viewers have the opportunity to enjoy the grace-filled “Divine” experience of Jesus’ healing Love, Peace and Hope regardless of where they live in the world or the time of the day.

Divine Vision Network

Divine Vision Network is a television channel

Divine Vision Network is a television channel that airs inspirational programs based exclusively on Christian religious content. The channel operates round the clock, and is focused on propagating the Christian faith, and the moral and spiritual values that the Catholic Church stands for. The channel's mission is to bring the Word of God to every household across the globe, to make every individual on earth experience the Joy, the Peace, the Love, the Hope that Jesus is. Divine Vision Network is an advertisement-free channel, and is run solely using contributions from the corporate community and from well meaning individuals. Divine Vision Network is a fully tax exempt 503 (c) non-profit organization.

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